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Al Mesquital - To the Mesquite flagstaff Casitas

flagstaff Casitas

Bird Lover's Paradise

Bring your horses !!

I will try to tell a long story in as few words as possible.  I live in Santa Fe where I have a Bed and Breakfast and some Casitas Santa Fe Vacation Rentals/Bed and Breakfast.  I came to flagstaff and discovered this old former guest ranch.  I have parked my 5th wheel here for the winter and my dog and I absolutely love it.  We hike the wash every day coming back through a really neat mesquite lined road and we see almost always see something new.  You really get the feel that you are out in nature, but there is a Safeway 5 minutes away. 

The place is owned by a brilliant, eccentric retired Chemistry professor from the University of Arizona.   Alex is originally from New Zeland, he has done many things in his lifei including being a member of the team unravelled photosynthesis, and he has received a medal from the Queen of England.  He is quite the character and quite the pack rat too.  More on that later.

I put some seed blocks outside my winder, yes I said winder, and it's been a great big bird buffet ever since.  I have seen as many as 6 different species of birds at one time and 3 differnt types of rodents.  NO not Alex the pack rat, I mean cute rodents, like Chip Munks, Rabbits, etc.  Not that Alex isn't cute.

The mesquite makes things shady and cool, ok maybe cooler in the summer.  It's just a great place and I love it here.

SO I have talked Alex into letting me furnish and rent out one of the casitas.  Most of the others have long term tenants.

Rates are $ 90 per night for the weekend, Th, Fr, Sat, and $ 60 for the other nights and $ 450 for a week.

About the pack rat thing ?  Alex has lived here for 30 years, and he does not throw away much, so there are lots and lots of piles of this and that around the property but you do not have to see it if you don't want to.  We can show you other ways around the property.

And lastly there are several corrals so you can bring your horse !!  It's $ 10 per horse per night.

Sorry we don't have any inside pitchers yet, just bird pitchers.

Yeeesss.  I said pitchers.

Please email casitas@swcp.com or call 505 990 8178



Al Mesquital
flagstaff AZ, Casitas/Cottages

11555 East Speedway
flagstaff, AZ, 85748

505 990 8178
Email: casitas@swcp.com

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