Tucson cottages

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505 715 6861



Al Mesquital (To the Mesquite) de Tanque Verde Tucson Inn and Cottages

Tucson Guest Ranch


Bird Lover's Paradise

This is not a female cardinal, it's a Pyrrhuloxia, a cardinal relative.


Bring your horses ! We have corrals.

I have lived all over and around Tucson and my favorite area is the Tanqe Verde Valley. It's a dried up river bed on the East Side of Town. It's a mile wide swash of trees, a river of Mesquite!!. The birds love the trees, it's right next to the Saguaro National park and all kinds of hiking, biking and riding.

I am counting my lucky stars that I have been able to work out a deal with the owners of a ranch in the heart of this valley.

They have a one bedroom and two bedroom house on their ranch and they are letting me manage their property.

Rates start as low as $ 50 a night, but of course will be higher for the holidays and the Gem Show.

Please call me at 505 715 6861 to book your spot.










Al Mesquital de Tanque Verde
Tucson AZ, Casitas/Cottages/Guest Ranch

11555 East Tanque Verde
Tucson, AZ, 85748

Email: casitas@swcp.com