This is a quote from a California Supreme Court Justice after the court upheld a ban on Vacation Rentals in Carmel.


It stands to reason that the residential character of a neighborhood is threatened when a significant number of homes are occupied not by permanent residents but by a stream of tenants staying a weekend, a week, or even 29 days such rentals undoubtedly affect the essential character of a neighborhood and the stability of a community. Short-term tenants
     have little interest in public agencies or in the welfare of the citizenry. They do not participate in local government, coach little league, or join the hospital guild. They do not lead a scout troop, volunteer at the library, or keep an eye on an elderly neighbor. Literally, they are here today and gone tomorrow -- without engaging in the sort of activities that weld and strengthen a community.

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The short story is that you have a choice between law abiding Santa Fe,NM residents who own and operate appropriately zoned Vacation Rentals and Law Breaking Vacation Rentals owned by out of towners who want to turn our neighborhoods into Disney Fe, New Mexico. You can find links to the locally owned properties on the right.

The long story: For years Santa Fe had a law on the books that said if your house was in a residential neighborhood, you could not rent it out for less than 30 days. And for years they did not enforce it that strictly and it was not that big of a deal. But around 1999 lots of people from out of town started buying second homes in Santa Fe and startd using the internet to book them. There was an explosion of Vacation Rentals in our neighborhoods. People started to complain to the City and the City decided to start enforcing the law.

But then the fat cat out of towners and the fat cats who own big management companies that rent the properties for the out of towners fought back. They said "If you enforce this law that we know we have been breaking you will put us out of business". So, the city decided to form a task force. One of the 5 members of the task force that was formed owns a managment company, an another member works for a managment company so 40 percent of the task force was illegal managment companies. Guess what? The task force came back with the recommendation that Illegal Vacation rentals should be made legal. What a surprise!!

Finally 3 years later, this past Februrary, the City Council passed a bill that sort of put some restrictions on the Vacation Rentals, but not really, but still the fat cat property managers were not happy and they have sued the City. They want Carte Blanche to do whatever they want in our neighborhoods.

The easiest way to fight back against these companies is to not do business with them.


So on the right hand side of this page you will find links to several people and companies that live in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and own commercially zoned vacation rental property here in Santa Fe, NM, and we are asking that you support us and spurn the law breakers.