Let's talk directions. If you are arriving via I-25 take the St. Francis exit North. You will go about 3 or 4 miles, through 3 or 4 traffic lights until you reach Cerrillos. Turn right. The first intersection you will come to will be Guadalupe. Turn left. You will go 2 or 3 blocks to Garfield. Turn right. (If you are arriving from the north via Taos, Espanola, 285 you will need to turn left onto Paseo De Peralta. This street is a loop and crosses St. Francis twice. So look for Paseo De Peralta the first time. There will be a Bank of America on the left. You will go another mile or so and again come to Paseo de Peralta. There will be a liquor store on the right. You will turn left. Go another mile or so to Guadalupe and turn left. After turning onto Guadalupe look for a tall building on the corner on the right. That is the corner of Garfield and Guadalupe. Turn Right. You are at 320 Garfield the third building on the right. The property consists of two separate buildings. A, and B are in the front building. A is the front door and B is in the back. B has three doors and you go in the last one on the right. E, F, and G are in the back building. Unit E is upstairs, and the studios F, and G, are downstairs. There is a parking lot next to the back building, which is reserved for guests staying at 320 Garfield. Try to park facing into the back building, or facing into the Fence on the opposite side of the lot. We want to be very clear on the neighborhood. It is a really fun, commercial/retail neighborhood. Your neighbors on either side are a restaurant and a vintage clothing store. The rest of the block is a large parking lot and offices. It is not residential. The neighborhood/area is upscale retail one of the best hotels in town is around the corner as well as 10 or more restaurants; the vast majority of the neighborhood is shopping and dining. One of our prior guests said it was like staying in Soho. The reason we are putting this paragraph here is to make sure you know what to expect. Expectations are very important in this business. You need to make sure that everyone who is coming with you understands this. You also need to be very clear that the Studio you are staying in is VERY small. Much like a small motel room. But motels are on busy streets, and their rooms do not have kitchens. We have spent quite a bit recently upgrading these rooms, and will continue to, but EVERYONE who is staying in these rooms needs to be aware of their size. I was trying to think of a way to do this subtlety, but I can't. Men who book this room please, for your sake and mine, please be particularly aware that your Female companion is aware of the nature of these rooms. There is nothing wrong with them they are just small.


You have up to 21 days prior to your arrival and only be charged a $ 40 cancellation Fee. If you cancel inside of 21 days and we can re-book your stay we will refund your deposit less the $ 40. Otherwise your deposit can be applied to a future stay, less $ 40. If you use your deposit for a future stay, and cancel that reservation, then you will forfeit your deposit. If you need to cancel please go to and fill out a cancellation request. This is the only way to cancel a reservation.


If you are staying at the Casa del Toro you will get instructions further along in this confirmation for your keys. Otherwise your room will be left unlocked and you will find the keys in an obvious place. Please try to call and make arrangements to pay your balance within 24 hours of your arrival. We need you to call 866-476-1091 before you come over because we do not always have someone sitting in the office. We are adjusting office hours but there is generally someone here between 10 and 7.


On most nights we have someone answering the phone until 10, if you will be delayed, or arriving later than the time we expect you which is, then please let us know.


Your invoice is attached to this email in the form of a PDF/Adobe file. Your balance is due within 24 hours after you arrive. We would prefer that you pay your balance by check. But more than anything we prefer what you prefer so if you want to use a Visa or MasterCard that is no problem. If you arrive before 7 in the evening we would appreciate it if you could stop by the office at 229 McKenzie and take care of the balance that day. You can have a cookie and some tea too.

We have placed your basic invoice information further down in this email. We also have attached your invoice as an Adobe, PDF. Here is your invoice

We are still refining this new email, so sorry if the numbers don't line up. We are kind of at the mercy of our software. Please note that the computer calculates the deposit to be 50 percent of your stay. If you pay anything other than a 50 percent deposit the following invoice will not be correct but the attached invoice will be correct.


We provide shampoo, soap, lotion, T.P., paper towels for the kitchen, fabric towels for the bathroom, hair dryers, irons and ironing boards. Hair dryers, irons, etc. sometimes disappear or break so if something is missing let us know.

We do not provide laundry detergent, dishwasher soap, coffee filters, or coffee. Not everyone needs or wants them and some people take them home with them.


Although this confirmation shows the dates that you will be staying and the room you will be staying in, we still get 3 or 4 phone calls a day from people who want to re-confirm their reservation. If you want to re-confirm your reservation, please e-mail us at Thank you very much.


A final brief note about your television, which is a satellite/dish system: Your TV will need to be set to channel 3 or 4 and then you will need to use the satellite remote to turn on the little black box/receiver, which will be either beside, under, or on top of the TV. If there is a green light on front of the receiver will indicate that it is on. Some rooms will have separate remotes to control the TV and the dish. The TV remote turns it on and off and adjusts the volume and the dish remote changes channels. If you just have a single remote, they are usually black; you can press the TV button on the very top and then the power button to turn the TV on and off. Then press the SAT button and then you can change the channels. Rooms 1, 2, 3 and 4 at the Casa del Toro do not have TVs and 5, 6, and 7 have regular cable, not as complicated.


Check out is by 11

If you want a late check out and no one is arriving to your room the morning you will be departing that is no problem at all, just give us a call.



You do not need to do anything other than leave the key and parking pass in the room in pretty much the same place you found them. PLEASE DO NOT BRING KEYS OR PARKING PASSES TO THE OFFICE AS WE WILL JUST HAVE TO TAKE THEM BACK TO THE ROOM.