mulege casitas

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Call Us Toll-Free 1-866-476-1091


This casita is for sale for $ 70,000.

Please call 505 715 6861.


This is one of our casitas in the Orchards, which is right by the Santa Rosalia River you can email or our toll free 866 476 1091 for more information

This is a youtube video of the casita


mulege orchard casitas


You won't need the fireplace to stay warm. Typical days in Mulege are in the 70's. Toll free 866 476 1091. We also have Casitas in Santa Fe NM

casitas mulege


All the Casitas have kitchens, but you will want to try some of Mulege's restaurants. 866 476 1091


mulege casita loft


Great Tile Accents all through the casitas

mulege shower


More Tile Work

mulege sink




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