Downtown Santa Fe Independent and Congregated Living

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We are in the initlal stages of starting an intimate Gay Retirement Center in an authentic old Santa Fe Neighborhood right next to the Santa Fe Plaza. We own a compound of thirty apartments and houses in the Center of Santa Fe. We currently use them as an Inn and Cottages. All of the needed facilities are already in place, laundry, kitchen, etc. and we are going to start converting to a small intimate independant living conclave. The location is perfect and our staff is the best. To see more about the B and B go to Santa Fe Bed and Breakfast at this point we are just looking for people interested in our concept. So we would love it if you could drop us a line.

Toll Free = 866 476 1091

Adobe Studios, 1 and 2 Bedrooms with Fireplaces

Maid Service


Gourmet Meals

Point A is our Location

Point B is the Plaza

santa fe cabins

We operate the Casa del Toro B & B, which money magazine named as their favorite place to stay in Santa Fe. We have gourmet cooks, a great cleaning staff, and a full laundry. We are settin up 5 apartments on our grounds for Independent, retirement living. Residents will have access to all our facilities, an option of 1, 2, or 3 meals a day, and many more services such as trips to the grocery store, and rides to the Center of the Plaza which is just two blocks away.

























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